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Axis Launches New Security Product Line

Axis Communications has announced a new offering to meet the security requirements of the small business sector. The offering combines an integrated product solution – the AXIS Companion Line. The initiative makes adopting an advanced network video security system easier and more cost-effective.

Global Trust on the Internet is in Decline, CIGI-Ipsos Survey Shows

A new global survey finds that consumers are increasingly worried about their online privacy and security, especially when it comes to ‎how their personal data is handled by private corporations and governments. 

Spencer Robot Completed Tests Guiding KLM Passengers at Schiphol Airport

After more than three years of construction and programming, Spencer the robot completed various tests at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam this month. The test phase ended last week when Spencer successfully guided some KLM’s passengers at the airport to their departure gate.

Siemens opens Cyber Security Operation Centers for the Protection of Industrial Facilities

Siemens has opened its Cyber Security Operation Center (CSOC) for the protection of industrial facilities, with a joint location in Lisbon and Munich and one in Milford (Ohio) in the USA.

Changi Airport Chooses Morpho to Facilitate Passenger Experience in New Terminal 4 through biometrics

Morpho (part of French company Safran) has signed a contract with Changi Airport in Singapore to supply a solution to facilitate the passenger journey using facial recognition. This biometric control system involving self-bag drop, integrated border clearance and self-boarding gates will increase the airport’s operating efficiency and improve passenger travel experience. This solution is based on MorphoPass Biometric Applicant Management System and MorphoWay automated gates to support the airport’s Fast and Seamless Travel (FAST) concept for Terminal 4 which will open in 2017.

Thales announces the closing of its acquisition of Vormetric for €375m

Thales has announced the closing of its acquisition of Vormetric, a provider of data protection solutions in physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures, after approval by the regulatory authorities. The transaction price is approximately 375 million euros. Vormetric will be progressively integrated into Thales’s cybersecurity business.

BICSI appoints Jerry Bowman as Security Liaison

BICSI, the association advancing the information and communications technology (ICT) community, has announces that former BICSI President Jerry L. Bowman has been reappointed as BICSI’s Security Liaison.

KNX IP Secure and KNX Data Secure provide secure access to KNX Installations

KNX security is a hot subject. Already up to now KNX complies with the security requirements, as long as installers of building control take care of the recommended protective measures against manipulations. Yet, new media like LAN and WLAN with internet access, wireless operation concepts and applications in sensible areas increase the risk of damage by unwanted intruders. According to these but also to other requirements KNX has developed new security concepts: KNX Data Secure and KNX IP Secure. Both of them are based on worldwide established security protocols and can be integrated seamlessly into existing KNX systems.

Bosch launches cloud for IoT services

Bosch is launching its own cloud for web-based Internet of Things services. In the Bosch IoT Cloud, the international supplier of technology services runs various applications for its connected mobility, connected industries, and connected buildings businesses. The first cloud is located in Germany.

Allied Telesis Introduces Technology to Prevent Eavesdropping on Fiber Communications

Allied Telesis has released an new security measure to prevent eavesdropping on fiber communications, Active Fiber Monitoring. The  technology can detect when a cable is being tampered with, and will raise an alarm to warn of a possible security breach.