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Open Source Hardware Infrastructures For The Third Industrial Revolution


What’s needed to survive life in the Third Industrial Revolution for all those businesses in the Data Centre Industry? That is not a very hard question to answer, says John Laban. In this article he investigates the Open Compute Project open source hardware community and what they have done and plan to do.

A Like-for-Like Comparison Between OCP and Traditional Racks

Data center consultant John Laban of the UK emailed us yesterday about a like-for-like comparison between OCP  and traditional based on a single rack with each rack supporting forty servers. Here are the results.

OpenPOWER Ecosystem Propels Open Innovation in Hyperscale Data Centers

The OpenPOWER Foundation, a consortium of more than 200 leading technology companies, organizations and individuals innovating around the POWER processor, today announced more than 50 new open innovations to help companies better solve grand challenges around big data.

Nokia will incorporate OCP designs into AirFrame Data Center Portfolio

Nokia today announced that it will incorporate OCP designs into its AirFrame Data Center Portfolio. AirFrame is inspired by OCP to offer greater efficiency, density, cooling and power usage effectiveness, key characteristics that have already saved Facebook over $2 billion in infrastructure costs in the past three years. These characteristics will significantly lower the cost of operations and enable enhanced serviceability, while delivering carrier-grade quality on an open IT platform.

Open Compute Project and its impact on enterprise data centres

I was compelled to write this article because I am keen to see behavioural change in the data centre industry to help prevent waste. I am concerned about the “Group Think“ which I observe today in the data centre industry, including the “Willfull Blindness” which prevents people from acting on the wave of change (driven by OCP and open hardware) which is going to hit them like a tsunami before the end of this decade. It’s relatively simple and inexpensive to prepare an enterprise or colocation data centre for OCP technologies but sadly it’s not happening.