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Open Source Hardware Infrastructures For The Third Industrial Revolution


What’s needed to survive life in the Third Industrial Revolution for all those businesses in the Data Centre Industry? That is not a very hard question to answer, says John Laban. In this article he investigates the Open Compute Project open source hardware community and what they have done and plan to do.

A Like-for-Like Comparison Between OCP and Traditional Racks

Data center consultant John Laban of the UK emailed us yesterday about a like-for-like comparison between OCP  and traditional based on a single rack with each rack supporting forty servers. Here are the results.

Three New Speakers for BICSI Mainland Europe 2016 Conference

BICSI is happy to announce three new speakers for its BICSI Mainland Europe 2016 Conference on October 4th in Prague. They are: Jerry Bowman, Jeff Medeiros and John Laban.

OCP Summit 2016 Showcases Future Disruptions in Traditional Enterprise Data Centres

A few weeks ago I attended the Open Compute Project (OCP) Summit 2016. My previous experiences of annual data centre hardware conferences had left me believing that 20% of what I thought was useful  the previous year proved to be not that useful  at the following years event. Now just one year on from OCP Summit 2015 I need to shift my previous figure of 20% to nearer 80% for OCP gear.

Open Compute Project and its impact on enterprise data centres

I was compelled to write this article because I am keen to see behavioural change in the data centre industry to help prevent waste. I am concerned about the “Group Think“ which I observe today in the data centre industry, including the “Willfull Blindness” which prevents people from acting on the wave of change (driven by OCP and open hardware) which is going to hit them like a tsunami before the end of this decade. It’s relatively simple and inexpensive to prepare an enterprise or colocation data centre for OCP technologies but sadly it’s not happening.