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OCP Summit 2016 Showcases Future Disruptions in Traditional Enterprise Data Centres

A few weeks ago I attended the Open Compute Project (OCP) Summit 2016. My previous experiences of annual data centre hardware conferences had left me believing that 20% of what I thought was useful  the previous year proved to be not that useful  at the following years event. Now just one year on from OCP Summit 2015 I need to shift my previous figure of 20% to nearer 80% for OCP gear.

New Green Grid white paper: Make Smarter Deployment Decisions With Carbon Usage Effectiveness

The Green Grid has published a new white paper on making smarter decisions when it comes to carbon usage effectiveness (CUE).

Béla Waldhauser (eco): “Not all emergency situations are trained for”

A data center is a complex entity which is meant to be safe, fail-proof and economical to run. These criteria are the subject of the new series of eco LocalTalks, organised by German Internet Industry Association eco. BusinessCriticalInfrastructures is a media partner of the upcoming series of LocalTalks. eco published on its website an interview with Dr. Béla Waldhauser, head of the eco Competence Group Data Center Infrastructure, about the status quo in German data centers. 

Huawei launches UPS5000-S Power Module Efficiency up to 97.5 %

Huawei launched a modular Uninterrupted Power System (UPS) with a high efficient power module of up to 97.5% at CeBIT 2016.