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Chatsworth Products Introduces 60 C13 Outlet Count Monitored eConnect PDUs

Chatsworth Products’ eConnect power distribution units (PDUs) have been enhanced to include 60 C13 outlet configurations on select models, making it the industry’s first intelligent PDUs equipped with highest outlet densities in a low-profile design.

Panduit Announces High-Density Fiber Cabling System for High-Performance Data Centers

Panduit has announced the launch of its new HD Flex 2.0 Fiber Cabling System. The system is engineered to provide high fiber density and serviceability for high-performance data centers.

Climaveneta: Raise Data Center Temperature for Better Energy Performance

There is a clear trend that is becoming more and more common in the data center industry: most of the servers’ manufacturers have continually broadened the servers’ temperature working limits, leading to inlet air temperatures of up to 21°C. A solution proposed by Climavenetafor dealing with this latest data center target set by managers is ‘SMART’: a new close control air conditioner version capable of dealing with high temperature IT environments featuring inlet temperatures of up to 40°C.

eco Event: After Eurovision, The Euros & The Olympics – Infrastructure for Live Broadcasting

Large international events broadcast live and directly to your mobile device, interactive real-time voting for competitions, streaming high-quality footage, social media commentary. The infrastructure requirements are huge, as are the number of different players involved in the broadcasting of live international events. eco of Germany invites you to join them for the second meeting of the new eco Competence Group Networks.

Data Center Supplier Minkels Launches Safety-Enhancing LED Tubes for Aisle Containment

In order to ensure a safer and healthier working environment within data centres, Minkels – part of Legrand – now offers energy efficient and flexible-to-install LED Tubes, which are optimized for aisle containment infrastructure.

Huawei Launches IDS800 Small-Sized Data Center

Huawei has launched the IDS800 small-sized data center. The company positions this small-sized data center as a new-generation data center infrastructure solution. It integrates the PDU, UPS, rack air conditioner, and monitoring system in one cabinet and allows flexible expansion of IT cabinets.

Rittal Wants to Make Installing Distribution Enclosures Easier

Distribution enclosures are central components of the electrical infrastructure in buildings, data centres and industrial plants. Rittal has accommodated this trend by further improving the ISV distribution enclosure from the Ri4Power range.

Siemon Introduces New Wall Mount Cabinet

According to Siemon the newly introduced Wall Mount Cabinet saves valuable floor space while providing a cost-effective means to secure and protect network equipment from dust, tampering and other hazards in a wide range of applications.

Data Center Supplier Minkels Signs EMEA Channel Partner Agreement with ICTroom

Global data centre infrastructure supplier Minkels has signed a Solution Partner Agreement for EMEA with channel partner ICTroom – a data centre integrator with offices located throughout Europe. The Solution Partnership is aimed at further enhancing the cooperation between Minkels and ICTroom, to offer customers ultimate deployment flexibility required for setting up future-proof data centres.

Stulz and TSI Announce Joint Venture to Deliver Modular Data Centers

Mission critical cooling solutions provider Stulz has announced a joint venture and majority shareholding in Technology Space Integration. (TSI), a global manufacturer of modular data centre solutions for the High Performance Computing (HPC), Cloud, enterprise and end user markets including micro data centers.