About us

BusinessCriticalInfrastructures.com is a media product of publishing house FenceWorks. We have a strong focus on the IT, infrastructure and data centre industries. We are based near Amsterdam in The Netherlands.

It’s all about business critical infrastructures

Here at BusinessCriticalInfrastrucrtures.com we write on the business critical infrastructures of data centres, airports, hospitals, clean rooms, large building, plants and more. So if you want to learn more about the power infrastructure of these facilities, the cabling, the cooling, how to secure these facilities and much more you have come to the right place!

Have interesting news to share about these topics to share with us? Please do not hesitate to send us your press releases, in-depth technical articles, blog posts, videos and everything else you feel is of interest to facility managers working for enterprise organisations.

Contact the editor:

Robbert presentatieThe editor of BusinessCriticalInfrastructure.com is Robbert Hoeffnagel.

He can be reached at:

email: robbert@fenceworks.nl

mobile: +31 651 28 20 40

skype: robbert_hoeffnagel



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