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Next generation data centre networking

Driven by Moore’s Law, the microelectronics industry has continually pushed down the cost of compute, however data centre operators face a technically challenging and costly future as they try to keep pace with evolving data centre network infrastructure requirements.

Airports can become silent environments with use of intelligent announcement systems

Lately the term ‘silent airport’ has become popular in aviation circles. But how silent can an airport actually be? Although definitions seem to differ around the world, the general view is that within a silent airport there are no longer any announcements being made. This view however seems to be in conflict with the operational needs at an airport and passengers’ expectations. There is also legislation related to security, safety and evacuations that drive the compulsion to make announcements. On top of that airline staff and handlers must also make announcements in the restricted area of the boarding gate. But there is more to it.

Fraport and Lufthansa Launch Digital Shopping Experience for Travelers at Frankfurt Airport

Lufthansa and Fraport have partnered to create new digital shopping possibilities for passengers at Frankfurt Airport. With Lounge Shopping Lufthansa and Fraport now offer the first joint service platform in selected Lufthansa lounges at Frankfurt Airport. The platform enables travelers to use available iPads for purchasing exclusive products from airport stores and have them delivered within half an hour.

IHSE helps Wisconsin hospital provide advanced monitoring for critical care of children

IHSE, a developer and manufacturer of advanced KVM systems, has announced the successful installation of a Draco tera KVM matrix switch to help provide centralized patient monitoring in the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

Siemens to introduce new version of its Desigo CC building management platform

Under the motto “Make your building more livable,” Siemens will show at the light+building trade fair from March 13 to 18, 2016 how commercial buildings can be comfortable while also offering economical operation. One of the highlights will be the new version of the Desigo CC building management platform. With its enhanced interfaces and communication protocols, Desigo CC is now able to integrate and centrally manage even more disciplines, making building technologies more transparent and efficient than ever. In addition, new applications and functions allow Desigo CC to be used in even more areas and simplify the operation of building systems.