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A Glimpse Into Panduit’s New Global R&D Headquarters

Panduit recently invited journalists from around the world to visit their new global research and development (R&D) centre located in the Chicago-area suburb of Tinley Park, IL USA. and welcomed them to the company’s corporate headquarters and nearby manufacturing facility. 

Next generation data centre networking

Driven by Moore’s Law, the microelectronics industry has continually pushed down the cost of compute, however data centre operators face a technically challenging and costly future as they try to keep pace with evolving data centre network infrastructure requirements.

Open Source Hardware Infrastructures For The Third Industrial Revolution


What’s needed to survive life in the Third Industrial Revolution for all those businesses in the Data Centre Industry? That is not a very hard question to answer, says John Laban. In this article he investigates the Open Compute Project open source hardware community and what they have done and plan to do.

eco: ‘Data centers need to plan and create significantly more capacity’

The last of this year’s eco LocalTalk series took place in Frankfurt am Main under the motto “Data Center Life Savers – Networks”. Like the other LocalTalks in Hamburg and Munich a few weeks earlier, the after-work event combined keynote and lightning speeches with a podium discussion focusing on a key topic for data center operators and practitioners.

The European Cloud Initiative – A Bright Outlook For Cloud In Europe

Data is the oil of the 21st century digital economy and cloud is its engine. Europe needs to make sure that its digital engine is running properly in order to reap the benefits from future data driven innovation, big data and the internet of things. In a blog post on its website EuroCloud states that it is pleased to see the European Commission propose a way for Europe to achieve global leadership in the digital economy with the recent release of the European Cloud Initiative.

eco Hosts Second LocalTalk Evening on Data Centers

The second evening in the eco LocalTalk series Data Center Life Savers took place in Munich on 27 April 2016 in the centrally-located premises of ExperTeach. eco is Germany’s Association of the Internet Industry. The topic for the evening was “Power”, and the topical part of the event was filled with informative presentations and a lively panel discussion.

Leading Thinkers Convene in UK to Tackle Energy Consumption of Supercomputers

Global efforts to bring about crucial improvements in supercomputing efficiency and energy usage were placed centre stage this week as the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) welcomed users and vendors from around the world to London for the Cray User Group 2016 conference.

Cabinets: Making The Right Choices

Alberto Zucchinali of Siemon argues that data centre cabinet choice has a significant impact on the ability to efficiently use the amount of power available in the data centre. Here he explains how deploying wider cabinets and sharing the vertical zero-U space between wider cabinets can save up to 75% in stranded power and potentially prevent unnecessary upgrades and expansion in the future.

Beyond Wireless Access: How do First Responders and Emergency Personnel Remain Connected?

Be it at home, in the office, or while traveling between both locations, mobile subscribers no longer demand ubiquitous wireless coverage, they expect it. Wireless connectivity has naturally become the fourth utility alongside the three basics: water, gas, and electricity. This forces building owners and mobile operators to constantly seek next-generation options to support more mobile end users at all times, wherever they are. 

Asetek Blog: Cooling Today’s Hot New Processors

The cooling experts at Asetek have published a blog post on the heating issues concerning modern processor.