Chatsworth Products Introduces 60 C13 Outlet Count Monitored eConnect PDUs

Chatsworth Products’ eConnect power distribution units (PDUs) have been enhanced to include 60 C13 outlet configurations on select models, making it the industry’s first intelligent PDUs equipped with highest outlet densities in a low-profile design.

“As the demand for IT resources continues to rise, more companies are deploying 48U and higher server cabinets to support more equipment within defined square footage. The release of 60 C13 Monitored eConnect PDUs allows data centre operators to optimise their investment in the taller cabinets, while still benefiting from all the features of the intelligent eConnect platform,” stated Ashish Moondra, CPI Sr. Product Manager of Power, Software & Electronics.

CPI’s 60 C13 Monitored eConnect PDUs include three-phase models that support up to 22 kW of power within international markets and 17.2 kW of power within North American markets. Additionally, all eConnect PDUs now include a 1 gigabit Ethernet card, which enables users to connect at faster speeds and ensures compatibility of PDUs with newer network switches shipping today.

In addition to these new benefits, CPI’s eConnect PDUs also include these key features:

  • Secure Array IP Consolidation– enables users to link up to 32 PDUs under a single IP address using standard Ethernet cables, reducing installation time and costs
  • Click Secure Technology – patent-pending technology features locking outlets that securely fasten equipment to the PDU without the need for proprietary power cords, safeguarding power and eliminating the cost of additional accessories.
  • High ambient temperature rating – rated to operate in temperatures as high as 149°F (65°C)
  • Preinstalled in CPI cabinets ­– available preinstalled in CPI cabinets, saving installation


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