Chatsworth Products Outlines How Data Centres can Improve Efficiency, Resiliency and Redundancy

A new white paper on data centre optimisation from Chatsworth Products (CPI) warns that a revolution currently taking place in the data centre environment requires data centre managers to urgently rethink their strategies. The white paper explores ways that data centres can operate more efficiently and cost-effectively and provides guidance on a best practice approach for the modern data centre.

Key concerns

CPI’s white paper examines the key concerns of today’s data centre manager and covers new types of thermal management strategies that can be adopted to improve data operational efficiency, and reclaim lost power. The white paper also discusses how to create cooling efficiencies and enable efficiency best practices, as well as the different ways to overcome cooling, energy and design challenges.

Julian Riley, CPI Area Sales Director for Europe explains, “Globally, data centre power consumption has been growing. In fact, a recent NRDC report indicates that data centre electricity consumption is projected to increase to roughly 140 billion kilowatt-hours annually by 2020, the equivalent annual output of 50 power plants.


“There is a revolution happening in the data centre environment. Administrators are having to be more proactive than ever, being tasked with delivering much more, while still retaining optimal efficiency levels. Not only are data centre administrators working hard to cut costs, they are also working hard to minimise management overheads, and improve infrastructure agility as more and more organisations place their environments into the data centre.”

By examining the latest concepts around data centre demand, and where energy efficiency and cooling optimisation fit in, CPI hopes this white paper will help data centre managers consider how their data centres might be able to adopt a more modern best practice approach.


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